Connect with Sustainability

CIM Connect 2024 aims to promote all aspects of sustainability. In addition to hosting this year’s event in the world’s first double LEED® Platinum certified convention centre, we have taken additional steps to enhance our environmental and social engagement through the use of local products and partnering with sustainable suppliers.

We are also pleased to provide attendees with the opportunity to reduce their personal footprint by encouraging sustainable choices and partnering with Invert, a leading carbon credit provider, to provide attendees with the option of offsetting their emissions through support of a high-integrity cookstove project in Zambia.

Carbon Reduction Partner


Empowering carbon reduction and removal today for a better tomorrow

Carbon Calculator

Offset your carbon footprint at CIM Connect 2024 by contributing to our selected project distributing fuel-efficient cookstoves in Zambia, reducing deforestation and indoor smoke pollution while improving livelihoods.