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What is CIM Connect 2024?

CIM Connect 2024 promises three full days of immersive learning and knowledge exchange, complemented by professional development courses leading up to the convention. Our expansive trade show will feature companies showcasing cutting-edge products and services, providing a unique opportunity for networking and discovery. Adding greater scope and depth to the proceedings, this year’s event will also include the 14th International Symposium on Mining with Backfill.

The rebranded CIM Connect truly embodies our mission – connecting members, potential members, students, and corporations. It's about uniting people to connect, exchange ideas, collaborate, innovate, and ultimately, advance the industry. Our new logo vividly represents this transformation, symbolizing our global reach. The minerals featured in the logo represent the seven continents, signifying the essence of our industry, and the vibrant colors pay homage to Vancouver, our host city.

The conference theme, “Brand Canada: Our Critical Advantage,” shines a spotlight on Canada’s unique role in the global minerals, metals, and energy landscape. It emphasizes our commitment to responsibly developing valuable resources and showcasing leadership. This theme serves as a platform to explore Canada’s critical advantage, emphasizing our strategic importance and fostering discussions on how to leverage these advantages.

CIMTL23 Recap

CIM Committee

Jonathan Price


President and Chief Executive Officer, Teck Resources Limited

John Davidson


Head of Capital Sales, North & Central America, FLSmidth

Michael Cinnamond


Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum

Julia Gartley


Vice-President – Health, Safety & Sustainability, BBA Consultants

Maurice Tagami


Lead Director, Foran Mining Corporation

Scott Martin


Sales Director, North & Central America, Glencore Technology

CIM Staff

Angela Hamlyn

Chief Executive Officer

Carol Damiani

Director of Events

Chantal Murphy

Event Operations Manager

Marie Tota

Conference Planner

Nadia Bakka

Sales Manager, Exhibition and Sponsorship

Michelle To

Event Marketing Coordinator

Guylaine Richard

Short Courses

Marie Boiteau


Awards Gala

Julie Stuart

Awards Gala


Maria Gilker

Student Program

About CIM

CIM is Canada’s foremost technical industry resource for the minerals, metals, materials, and petroleum sectors. Committed to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, celebrating excellence, and promoting sustainable practices, we span the full spectrum of our industry. With over 10,000 members, 30 local and international branches, 11 societies, and 11 committees, we stand as the premier source for industry professional development.

What do we do?

  • Unite like-minded professionals through conferences, technical resources, networking, and social events.

  • Foster collaboration among individuals, groups, and organizations from diverse disciplines, industry sectors, and experience levels.

  • Support the industry's global leadership in sustainable and responsible mining.

  • Provide continuous technical resources and professional development opportunities.


125 Years Of Excellence.

CIM boasts a history that extends back just 31 years after the founding of Canada. Originating from the collaborative efforts of mining industry professionals, CIM emerged as a platform advocating for safety laws, workers' protection, and the exchange of ideas. Guided by a dedicated group of members, CIM rapidly expanded its influence, drawing in new members from across Canada.

Officially incorporated in 1898 as the Canadian Mining Institute, the organization underwent a transformative journey. In 1920, it evolved into the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and later in 1990, it further developed into the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum.

Today, we proudly stand as Canada's premier professional association for minerals-related industries. With technical Societies and local Branches extending across Canada and overseas, CIM remains at the forefront, leading and serving the industry with distinction.