Technical Program

The technical program spans three full days and encompasses a variety of formats, including panel discussions, roundtable sessions, and technical presentations.


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Technical Program Schedule

200+ presentations, 75+ sessions, 25 panels


Building upon the conference theme, “Brand Canada: Our Critical Advantage”, and our fresh convention branding, we have designed a technical program that brings industry professionals together to delve into the essential discussion of how we can strategically embrace key innovations to position ourselves as leaders in the mineral supply chain

It's important to note that on Wednesday, May 15, the technical program has a full day with sessions and Closing Panel until 16:45 followed by the closing reception. We recommend adjusting your hotel reservation accordingly to ensure your participation in the exciting program on the final day.

Special Sessions

Women in Mining Panel

Tuesday, May 14 – 15:30 to 16:45

Room: 109

Beyond Good Intentions: Gender Equity in Canadian Mining Now

Monday Forum and Panel Session

Monday, May 13 – 14:00 to 16:30

Room: 205

The Human Element: The Future of Canada’s Mining Workforce