Connect With Sustainability

Take Additional Action

In addition to the option of offsetting your participation through high-integrity carbon credits, we encourage all attendees to make sustainable choices during the event.



Here is a list of suggested actions to take while at CIM Connect 2024.

  • Bring your refillable water bottle to the event
  • Sort your waste in appropriate bins, remember to use the convention centre’s organic bins for food waste
  • Do not print booking confirmations and boarding passes
  • Refuse single-use plastic articles
  • Select direct flights, or as few connections as possible, or alternate means of transportation for shorter distances.
  • Extend your stay in Vancouver by adding a vacation or business meetings to your trip
  • Explore the city on foot, shared bikes, or public transit
  • Buy souvenirs from local shops and artists
  • Don’t overfill your plate at buffets, go back for more if necessary
  • If you can no longer attend a meal function, please let us know to avoid food waste
  • Try a vegetarian or vegan meal during your stay
  • Control water consumption and energy consumption at hotels
  • Avoid having your room systematically cleaned every day