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Our policies and governance documents are the cornerstone of how CIM operates. They provide a clear roadmap for decision-making, accountability, and transparency within our organization. These documents embody our commitment to responsible and ethical conduct.
We encourage all members, stakeholders, and interested parties to explore these documents. Understanding and upholding these principles ensures that CIM continues to thrive as a responsible and principled organization.


At CIM, we are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect the data you share with us. We adhere to industry-leading practices and legal requirements to ensure your information is handled with the utmost care.

We encourage all visitors and users of our website to review this policy. By continuing to engage with CIM, you signify your acceptance of these terms.

Read the CIM Privacy Policy

At CIM, we prioritize transparency, integrity, and accountability in all aspects of our operations. Our Whistleblower Policy is a vital component of our commitment to maintaining ethical conduct and safeguarding against any form of misconduct within our organization.

This policy provides a clear and confidential channel for our members, volunteers, branches, societies, committees, suppliers and employees to report any instances of misconduct, wrongdoing, or unethical behaviour without fear of retaliation. It outlines the procedures in place for reporting, investigating, and addressing such concerns, ensuring that disclosures are handled with fairness and impartiality.

Read the CIM Whistleblower Policy