Monday Panelist

Freda Campbell | Career Summary

Freda Campbell is a member of the Tahltan Nation, Crow Clan, and Dekama family. She has lived, worked and played in Tahltan Territory for over 30 years, and she has resided in communities directly impacted by mining for over 15 years. Campbell is dedicated to empowering British Columbia’s Indigenous workforce, powering innovation in Indigenous community engagement, and mentoring the next generation of Indigenous leaders.  

As Director of Employment and Training for the Tahltan Central Government, she developed OnTrack: Tahltan Essential Skills Database, that allows Tahltan people to access job opportunities in their Territory and allows the Nation to hold employers accountable to their IBA’s. OnTrack has also revolutionized how the industry views applicant eligibility for jobs in the mining industry.

As the Director of Community Relations with Skeena Resources, the goals Campbell developed for the Tahltan Mentorship Program are to prepare Tahltan mentees for management roles in the mining industry and connect mentees with Tahltan Territory, culture, and community. The program provides opportunities for the Tahltan mentees to go home to Tahltan Territory, many for the first time, to connect with their families and participate in cultural activities.

Freda Campbell, was awarded the 2023 Indigenous Trailblazer Award by Women in Mining Canada, which recognizes and celebrates the contribution of Indigenous Women to the development of the Canadian Mining Industry.