Call for Abstracts

With the CIM 2021 Convention going virtual, we will be offering 20 minute presentations, live panel discussions and keynotes on our virtual platform. Our pre-recorded sessions will be followed by a live chat with the presenters while our presentations in real time will be followed by an on-camera Q&A.

Not sure you are tech-savvy enough to present in a virtual setting? You can count on us to be by your side every step of the way to help you set-up and present. Technical support will also be offered and will jump in if needed!

Most of the presentations will be recorded in advance and the recording schedule will be between March 15 to April 12, 2021.

Key dates:
November 15, 2020: Abstract submission deadline
January 29, 2021: Email notification of acceptance
March 26, 2021: Presenters' registration deadline
April 12, 2021: PowerPoint uploaded and recording presentation deadline

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Click on the themes below for descriptions and sub-themes.

  • keyboard_arrow_downDigital Transformation
    • Technology Deployment in Operations
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automation
    • Mobile Equipment Data Access
    • Remote technology/monitoring/expertise put forward to keep operations going
  • keyboard_arrow_downThe Impact of COVID-19 on the Mining Life Cycle
    • The impact of COVID-19 on mine-mill design, and on operating-organizational philosophies
    • Human Resources management challenges in the wake of pandemic
    • Change Management and Pandemic
    • COVID-19 best practices to manage and protect
    • Key projects leveraging the COVID-19 experience and initial lessons learned
  • keyboard_arrow_downProduction
    • Managing Operation - Mine to Mill
    • Cost
    • Material Movement
    • Drilling and Blasting
    • In situ leaching in underground orebodies
    • Advances in shaft design and excavation
    • Modern ventilation techniques in underground mines - beyond ventilation on demand
    • Unique mining methods (Torex monorail, railveyor, alimak mining narrow viend etc.,)
    • Hoisting expertise
  • keyboard_arrow_downSurface Mine Geotech
    • Pit wall stability
    • Waste dump stability
    • Standard development for Surface geotech
  • keyboard_arrow_downPit to Port
    • Interdependencies throughout the value chain
    • Value from Waste, Mining Circularity
    • Alternate Post-mine Developments
  • keyboard_arrow_downWorking with the Rock
    • Learning from instrumentation
    • Ground support: what works well and not so well
    • Measuring and working with stress underground
    • Stability and instability: Case studies from underground mines
    • Rock mass data for design
    • Design methods in rock: what works and doesn't work
  • keyboard_arrow_downRisk Management
    • Tailings management: strategies to reduce risk and liability
    • Finance: credit, market, economic, treasury, liquidity
    • Operations: enterprise, operational, cyber
    • Management: portfolio, business
    • Geopolitical
  • keyboard_arrow_downGeology: Mineralizing Systems and Beyond
    • Knowledge Advances in Porphyry systems
    • Unconventional Porphyries: what are they?
    • Ore Systems: Enhanced models for ore genesis
    • 43-101: Best practices and case studies
  • keyboard_arrow_downSocial Engagement, Partnerships & Transparency
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Meeting in the middle (balancing op’s needs vs. communities AND global demands vs. potential impacts)
    • Impact - Creating meaningful opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses
    • IBAs, partnered development, working together for shared value – case studies
    • Stakeholder Engagement in a post-Covid-19 stage
    • The future of “Social License to Operate”
    • Social License for Closure
    • Harmonizing Technical/Financial Pre-Feasibility with environmental and social impact
    • Operationalizing ESG - From C-Suite to Field Management
    • Transparency through ESTMA – Or Canadian EITI
  • keyboard_arrow_downEnvironmental Engagement and Expertise
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Environmental Risk and Mitigation
    • Water Management and Treatment
    • Mining with Climate Change
    • Green technologies and Processes
    • Preserving and Restoring Mine Sites throughout Mine Life, from Opening to Closure
    • The Future Best Practices
    • Governmental Legislation
    • New Technologies and Permitting
    • Canadian Leadership
    • Lessons Learn
  • keyboard_arrow_downMineral Economics
    • Strategic Mine Planning
    • COVID implications on metals demand and supply
  • keyboard_arrow_downChanging World of Health and Safety
    • Innovations in Mine Safety
    • Technical innovations that support Health and Safety
    • Best practices in the development of H&S leading indicators
    • Promotion of H&S in Canadian Mining Education
    • Risk Management
    • Automation and its Potential Impact on Health and Safety
    • Global Trends in Health and Safety
    • Mental Health, Wellness and Occupational Health
  • keyboard_arrow_downInnovation Stage on the Trade Show Floor
    The Innovation Stage will captivate all CIM Convention participants at the EXPO for 2 days running and will consist of 15-minute presentations of Innovative products, business solutions, processes or concepts. Successful business cases stemming from internal innovative solutions may also be presented.



Call for abstracts

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