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L'appel à contributions est maintenant ouvert! Soumettez vos résumés avant le 1er novembre 2019 afin d'être considéré pour le programme technique du Congrès de l'ICM 2020. 

Voici les thèmes qui seront abordés durant le Congrès:

Operating Challenges and Solutions: Lessons learned from the mines
Présidente de session: Katherine Gizikoff
  • Management Systems and Tools
  • Operational and Project Updates
  • Waste Stabilization & Safety
  • Mine Electrification
  • Mine Processing
  • Ground Support - Rock Mechanics
  • Comminution
  • Underground Communications
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Climate change adaptation / mitigation measures
The Integrated Mine: Turning potential into reality
Présidents de session: Glenn Johnson & Heather Ednie
  • Integrated operations
    • Integrated/remote operations centers
    • Remote operations asset management
    • Remote monitoring techniques
  • Value Chain Management
    • Mine 2 Mill/Drill to Mill
    • Integrating waste management/environmental considerations into mine operations
  • Interoperability
    • Standards and guidelines
    • Case studies and use cases
  • Data soup
    • Data quality, integration, and aggregation
    • Turning data puddles into ponds and lakes
    • Linking processes with machine learning
Waste Management and Beyond: Creating value, minimizing risk
Présidente de session: Karen Chovan
  • Tailings, waste rock, water, emissions
  • Creating more stable waste, stabilizing existing wastes
  • Green processing, separation & sorting, innovative dewatering technologies
  • Treatment of impacted water and historic wastes
  • Lifecycle risk prevention, site selection, monitoring of infrastructure, secondary containment/flow barriers, innovative management strategies, genomics, closure & reclamation
  • Reductions / recycling of waste, converting wastes to valued products
Understanding Rock Behaviour at the Mines
Président de session: Doug Milne
  • Underground rock mechanics case histories, including deep mining
  • Surface rock mechanics case histories
  • Rock mechanics input data and design
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab and field testing
People: Managing the Human Factor in Mining
Présidentes de session: Julia Gartley & Jenifer Hill
  • Case Studies - collective agreements, procurement models with indigenous suppliers
  • Building relationships beyond the negotiated agreement (understanding the spirit and intention)
  • Beyond the bottom line - Making people make cents
  • iRobot - Automation, technology and the impact on people
  • How do we improve? Solutions for increasing, engaging, integrating and appreciating a diverse workforce
  • Lasting Impact - Creating meaningful opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses
Minerals, Management and Economics: From Rocks to Riches
Présidente de session: Jessie Liu-Ernsting
  • Minerals/Commodities Outlook (on invitation)
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles (on invitation)
  • The Real Mine of the Future
  • Investor reporting / transparency requirement updates (i.e. NI43-101, ICMM updates)
Protecting our People: Getting to Zero
Président de session: Glenn Lyle
  • Occupational Health and safety
  • Mental Health in the workplace
  • Safety Management with Innovation/automation/New technology
  • Global Trends in Health and Safety
  • Best Practices in Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • Management of Priority Unwanted events (potential fatality producing)
  • Application of Critical Control Thinking
  • Sharing of Industry Learning in Safety Risk Management
Geology: Porphyry Deposits of the Northwestern North America Cordillera
Président de session: Serge Perreault
  • Advance in geoscientific knowledge about porphyry deposits
  • Canadian conventional alkalic and calc-alkalic porphyries
  • American and South-American porphyries
  • Unconventional porphyry deposits: what are they?
  • Geometallurgy in porphyry mines – case studies

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