YMP Breakfast

Breakfast: Mobility in the Industry – Transitioning Careers within the Sector

CIM is excited to collaborate with the Young Mining Professionals Association (YMP). YMP is pleased to bring its members together with CIM community members over a breakfast to discuss career mobility in the industry. The event will feature a panel discussion with distinguished young leaders in the mining industry, each of whom have held various roles in the mining sector during their careers. They will discuss the various opportunities available to young professionals, as well as their personal experiences in the sector.

YMP is a growing international association of mining professionals with chapters in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Sudbury), London (UK), Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane) and Johannesburg. YMP’s goal is to advance the global profile and future leadership of the mining industry, and to deliver value to members by fostering connections and facilitating new business opportunities and educational experiences. YMP delivers these objectives through events that feature industry leaders as keynote speakers and networking with industry peers.

Date: Tuesday, May 5
Time: 8:00-10:00
Cost: $40


Cancellation of CIM Convention & EXPO 2020

The well-being of our industry is vital to our future and we take our strategic role of connecting and furthering the knowledge of our minerals and metals community seriously.