Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts is now open! Submit your abstract by November 1st 2019 to get your chance at presenting during the CIM 2020 Convention & EXPO.

Here are the themes we will be touching on during the convention:

Operating Challenges and Solutions: Lessons learned from the mines
Stream chair: Katherine Gizikoff
  • Management Systems and Tools
  • Operational and Project Updates
  • Waste Stabilization & Safety
  • Mine Electrification
  • Mine Processing
  • Ground Support - Rock Mechanics
  • Comminution
  • Underground Communications
  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Climate change adaptation / mitigation measures
The Integrated Mine: Turning potential into reality
Stream chairs: Glenn Johnson & Heather Ednie
  • Integrated operations
    • Integrated/remote operations centers
    • Remote operations asset management
    • Remote monitoring techniques
  • Value Chain Management
    • Mine 2 Mill/Drill to Mill
    • Integrating waste management/environmental considerations into mine operations
  • Interoperability
    • Standards and guidelines
    • Case studies and use cases
  • Data soup
    • Data quality, integration, and aggregation
    • Turning data puddles into ponds and lakes
    • Linking processes with machine learning
Waste Management and Beyond: Creating value, minimizing risk
Stream chair: Karen Chovan
  • Tailings, waste rock, water, emissions
  • Creating more stable waste, stabilizing existing wastes
  • Green processing, separation & sorting, innovative dewatering technologies
  • Treatment of impacted water and historic wastes
  • Lifecycle risk prevention, site selection, monitoring of infrastructure, secondary containment/flow barriers, innovative management strategies, genomics, closure & reclamation
  • Reductions / recycling of waste, converting wastes to valued products
Understanding Rock Behaviour at the Mines
Stream chair: Doug Milne
  • Underground rock mechanics case histories, including deep mining
  • Surface rock mechanics case histories
  • Rock mechanics input data and design
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab and field testing
People: Managing the Human Factor in Mining
Stream chairs: Julia Gartley & Jenifer Hill
  • Case Studies - collective agreements, procurement models with indigenous suppliers
  • Building relationships beyond the negotiated agreement (understanding the spirit and intention)
  • Beyond the bottom line - Making people make cents
  • iRobot - Automation, technology and the impact on people
  • How do we improve? Solutions for increasing, engaging, integrating and appreciating a diverse workforce
  • Lasting Impact - Creating meaningful opportunities for Indigenous peoples and businesses
Minerals, Management and Economics: From Rocks to Riches
Stream chair: Jessie Liu-Ernsting
  • Minerals/Commodities Outlook (on invitation)
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles (on invitation)
  • The Real Mine of the Future
  • Investor reporting / transparency requirement updates (i.e. NI43-101, ICMM updates)
Protecting our People: Getting to Zero
Stream chair: Glenn Lyle
  • Occupational Health and safety
  • Mental Health in the workplace
  • Safety Management with Innovation/automation/New technology
  • Global Trends in Health and Safety
  • Best Practices in Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • Management of Priority Unwanted events (potential fatality producing)
  • Application of Critical Control Thinking
  • Sharing of Industry Learning in Safety Risk Management
Geology: Porphyry Deposits of the Cordilleras
Stream chair: Serge Perreault
  • Advance in geoscientific knowledge about porphyry deposits
  • Canadian conventional alkalic and calc-alkalic porphyries
  • American and South-American porphyries
  • Unconventional porphyry deposits: what are they?
  • Geometallurgy in porphyry mines – case studies

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Call for Abstracts for #CIMBC20 is now open!

Submit your abstract by November 1, 2019.