Early Career Forum

Young Leaders and early career professionals join mining executives for a standing lunch, network and serious discussion about the current state and future mining. Engage in discussions with 2 panels of experts whose panelists hold the knowledge and experience of the mining cycles and trends affecting employment. CIM invites the Mining Industry Resources Council (MIHR) to moderate a panel of Human Resource experts who will share their vision of the challenges and opportunities facing the current and future workforce.

Sunday, May 6 | 12:00-15:00 | $50 | Salon 121

Moderated by MiHR’s Executive Director, Ryan Montpellier, this panel of experts will share their vision of the HR challenges and opportunities facing the current and evolving workforce. Supporting youth and addressing diversity & inclusion will be top-of-mind as succession planning continues to present challenges employers must overcome. The following questions will drive discussion between panel and audience.

  • What is the current outlook in regards to hiring requirements over the next decade?
  • What is being done to mitigate the current shortage of labour and ensure it is increasingly robust and sustainable in the future?
  • What practices are being adopted in hiring processes to improve gender equality in mining?
  • What initiatives ensure stronger bonds between companies and communities?
  • How do we adapt jobs to fit employees?

Moderated by John Thompson, President, PetraScience Consultants Inc., Professor, Cornell University and General Chair of Resources for Future Generations 2018 (RFG2018), this panel will dig deeper into the realities the industry face through the mining cycles, how communications, technology and new social, political and ethical priorities are changing the face of employment. Discussion points will include:

  • The mining cycles:  then, now and in the future. Trends and predictions.
  • How do companies and communities prepare for the “mine of tomorrow”?
  • Need to improve career awareness so that current supply is more likely to meet demand. 
  • Tech advancements (VR/Recent shift to autonomy - Advancements in clean tech and mining innovation resulting in heavier reliance on STEM skills.)
  • Remoteness of major mining communities and how companies are overcoming that barrier.


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