CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal

Closing Luncheon

The Closing Lunch is your last networking opportunity of the Convention. CIM and its Management and Economics Society are pleased to present the most up-to-date views on strategic issues around cost and financing in the mining industry. In addition, attendees will have the pleasure of hearing the keynote speaker Jon Hykawy, President of Stormcrow Capital Ltd., whose message will lead straight into “The Electric Future – The Energy Metals”.

Date: Wednesday, May 3
Time: 12:00 to 13:45
Day program and Lunch: $400
Lunch only for registered convention delegates: $75

Dr. Jonathan Hykawy, also known as Jon, Ph.D, serves as the President of Stormcrow Capital Ltd. Prior to this, Dr. Hykawy served as the Head of Global Research and Clean Technologies and Materials Analyst at Byron Capital Markets and Byron Capital Markets Ltd., Research Division. He worked in the areas of critical materials at Byron from 2009 to 2013, and has become a recognized expert in such areas as lithium, the rare earths, fluorspar and tin. He served as a Director of Vindicator Product Line at BlueScout Technologies Ltd., since February 2009, responsible for market the company’s technology that helped optimize the performance of wind turbines, resulting in improved energy production and reduced maintenance costs. He has a specialized focus in research in the lithium and clean technology and alternative energy industries. His area of focus is the Lithium sector, ranging from availability and production to Lithium battery technology. Dr. Hykawy started his career in the investment industry in 2000, as a Technology Analyst. He was a Research Analyst at Research Capital Corporation, Research Division (alternate name Mackie Research Capital Corporation, Research Division). He joined Mackie Research Capital Corporation, Research Division in January 2006 and was responsible for the technology sector and specific interest in the alternative energy area. Prior to that, he served as a Technology Analyst with several other dealers, including Canaccord Genuity, Research Division. He was the Founding Partner and Director of Technology Research at Fraser Mackenzie Limited. He served as an Equity Analyst at Wellington West Capital Markets Inc., Research Division and UBS Private Banking Deutschland AG, Research Division. He served as an Equity Analyst at Fraser Mackenzie Limited, Research Division. His previous experience includes pure technology research, venture capital, and consulting to start-up firms. As a researcher, Dr. Hykawy helped construct the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory and as a Venture Capitalist was part of the financial group backing, photonic component manufacturer Bookham Technology. He is a 14-year veteran of Bay Street, spending his time there exclusively on the sell side. He serves as a Director of Stormcrow Capital Ltd. Originally, he trained as a Physicist, and worked as a post-doc at the Chalk River Nucleat Laboratories of AECL. His technical background includes work on rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and both wind and solar power. He has extensive experience for six years in the solar, wind, and battery industries, conducting significant research in the areas of rechargeable batteries, ranging from rechargeable alkaline to Lithium-ion and flow batteries. He has been an invited speaker internationally on topics such as lithium, the rare earths, fluorspar, tin, and more. Dr. Hykawy received a B.Sc. and PhD. in Physics from the University of Manitoba in 1991 also an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Queen's University in 1997.