CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

The Extractive Sector Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Series aims at creating a constructive and safe space to hold conversations in a collaborative spirit, so as to increase the extractive industry stakeholders’ understanding of one another, and their understanding of key challenges facing the extractive sector. The series also provides for the development of an expanded network for sharing, learning, capturing the diversity of thoughts and perspectives on the extractive sector.

Date:          Wednesday, May 3
Time:          8:30 - 12:00

Our topic this year will be environment, social and related governance disclosure practices under NI 43-101 for the minerals and metals industry. The National Instrument 43-101 reporting standard developed in the wake of the BRE-X scandal established reporting standards for public disclosure of scientific and technical information on mineral properties/projects reserves and resources. However, a 2013 review revealed deficiencies in environmental and social reporting, and the 2014 Mount Polley dam failure brought back the need for better environmental disclosure.

CIM adopted in May 2016 a proposal to put together a working group on environmental, social and governance disclosure to improve the environment, social and related governance disclosure practices under NI 43-101 for the minerals and metals industry. The objective of the upcoming Multistakeholder Dialogue Session is to provide a dialogue space to discuss the concerns and challenges related to developing guidance for environmental and social disclosures and meeting the needs of all stakeholders. 

After an overview and perspectives from industry, regulators and academia on the topic, participants will engage in a facilitated dialogue in a world café format with various stakeholders from industry, government, various NGOs and communities, to discuss including issues such as QP and competency to disclose environmental and social information, who should do the reporting and how should the information be reported, what information should be disclosed and why, and what disclosure is appropriate to address the environmental and social risks. We will then reconvene to share the results of our discussions.

This session is free of charge. 

Register to this dialogue session by April 26, 2017.

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Seats are limited and registration will be on a first-come, first served-basis.
Instructions to attend the meeting onsite will be provided by email shortly before the session.

The Extractive Sector Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Session is organized as part of the CIM Montreal 2017 Convention by CIM's Environmental & Social Responsibility Society jointly with the Centre for Excellence in CSR


Mireille Goulet, Vice-Chair, Social Responsibility
         Environmental and Social Responsibility Society of CIM