CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal

CIM 2016 Testimonials

"CIM 2016 provided an excellent networking and learning opportunity. There are few places you can go and get so much on one industry in one place at the same time !"
-James Reyes-Picknell, Conscious Asset Management

"I listened to many good presentations, I was able to attend the AGM of our society and I was able to make a contribution as a chair and as a speaker. It was also very nice to meet all the people I know. I felt that I belonged."
-Jan Boon, CIM 2016 attendee

"Given the turbulent times impacting the Mining Industry, the CIM continues to produce a quality convention with a strong technical program and workshop component that supports all professionals looking for career development and networking opportunities."
-Jason Dunning, Nyrstar

"Conference of hope and friendship."
-Ken Chekerda, retired

"At CIM, I meet everyone and every company I want to meet in three days. What would we have without CIM ?"
-Ferri Hassani, McGill University