CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal CIM 2017 Convention - Montreal

Media Centre

Media Accreditation

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) will qualify representatives of media organizations requesting accreditation to access the CIM Convention. Badges for accredited journalists will be available for pickup at the Convention registration desk and are issued for the sole purpose of media representatives developing and publishing articles, broadcasts and news stories about the Convention, the Institute, and/or the industry in general. A Media Room will be available on site for representatives, where they can obtain their press kit containing event material and other pertinent information, and can conduct interviews with mining business leaders, professionals and guest speakers.


Accredited media representatives will include Editorial and Technical Support Staff (i.e. camera people) only of one or more of the following:

  1. Printed and Digital Publications: Content is available to the public, and published by an organization whose principal business activity is publishing and generally carries paid advertising. Registered companies with verifiable contact information must own such publications.
  2. Newswire services: Organization provides news coverage to subscribers.
  3. Broadcast media: Organization broadcasts news and information programs to the public.
  4. Freelance journalists: Accreditation is confirmed only if they represent a medium that contracted them specifically to cover the Convention. The source must be verifiable.

CIM reserves the right to request a recognized media or press card, and/or letter of assignment on official letterhead from an Editor before the event or on site. Media are encouraged to apply prior to the Convention.

For questions, contact Marilena Lucci: